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Renaissance to French Revolution

  • Fifteenth Century
  • Sixteenth Century
  • Seventeenth Century
  • Eighteenth Century



The renaissance spread slowly through Europe during the fiteenth and sixteenth centuries, changing the styles of clotthes, decoration and architecture, though at different rates. Provincial towns and villages were often very late to adopt the new trends while large cities and courts changes style more quickly. Styles were not uniform throughout Europe, though there were common features.

The most noticeable changes were in the decorative arts and architecture. Interest in the forms of classical Rome led to new styles and the gradual abandonment of the old Gothic style. Italy was at the forefront of change with some classical style buildings appearing in fashionable city states such as Florence during the fourteenth century. In more peripheral areas, such as Britain, the styles were gradually adopted during the sixteenth century.

By the late sixteenth century these styles were found throughout most of Europe.

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