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Personal Items[]

This section is for small items that a person can carry or wear. From purses to fans to umbrellas, combs and jewellery.

Such items change in style and form from one time and place to another. A renaissance fan was quite different to the more familiar one with retracting blades. I looked more like a small flag on a stick. A medieval comb was usually made of bone and two-sided.

Ness Reproductions has several items of this type for the nineteenth century but the site seems to be down.




A Very Victorian Fan by skip1871
A fan with two material textures (Bridal White and Mourning Black), smartpropped to V4. Also has a default zeroed version, and Daz optimised material files

Daz thumbnail

Sensibility Expansion

An early nineteenth century fan is included as part of this set.


Fan Museum, Greenwich, London Many images but all rather small

Fans from the Royal Collection, UK



As yet there is little authentic style jewellery available. Some clothing sets have jewellery as well.


Elizabeth I collar by Chris Cox

An elaborate jewelled necklace based on one in a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Versions for V3 and V4.


Victorian Jet Necklace and Earrings by Chris Cox

A set of Victorian mourning jewellery, worn for some time after a decease by bereaved relatives. How long you stayed in mourning depended on how close you were as a relative. Mourning had rules for dress and behaviour with stages to mark the bereaved's return to the everyday world. Much of the jet came from the Whitby area in Yorkshire, a town also famous for death of another kind - Stoker's Dracula was set there.


Art Nouveau Hair Jewellery by Chris Cox

A set of hair combs with an Art Nouveau leaf design in silver. For the very fashionable lady c. 1890-1920.


Jewellery from the Royal Collection, UK

Rings Rings in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK

The Cheapside Hoard (Museum of London) - a collection of sixteenth and early seventeenth century jewellery found by workmen in 1912.