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1800-1914 -


(Europe, Americas, Australasia)

Napoleonic - includes UK Regency

Early Victorian - 1830s and 1840s

Mid Victorian - 1850s and 1860s Civil War (USA)

Later Victorian - 1870s and 1880s

Belle Epoque - 1890s, 1900s up to WW1 (includes UK Edwardian)


Later Manchu (Chinese Dynasties)

Later Edo and Meiji (Japanese Eras)

British Raj (India)

Later Ottoman


Powerhouse Museum Australian Museum site with images of fabrics from swatchbooks of 1837, 1849, 1893-1894 and 1923 from France and c.1887 from Japan. Please see copyright information at the site.

Real-Life Clothing Inspirations[]

Some nice examples and inspirations here: Gentleman's Emporium Also includes some "Steampunk" variations.