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Medieval Islamic states and empires[]

Medieval Islamic states at various times stretched from Portugal to India. The best known
European example is al Andalus in southern Spain which has left the beautiful palaces of
the Alhambra, Granada and the great mosque of Cordoba. Sicily was also occupied by muslim
rulers in the early medieval period. The Islamic world was famous for advances in science
and for scholarship.

While Christian scholars were often in contact with their Islamic counterparts, for most Europeans the significant encounter was in the early Crusades when Christian armies took over parts of the Middle East.

==== Clothing ====

[| Dar Anahita] - an SCA website with information and many links

[| Clothing in al-Maghrib] (the Muslim West) in the Medieval and Renaissance Periods

[| Alphabetical Glossary of Maghribi and Andalusi Costume] organised by country

[| Abbasid clothing] Notes on clothing from //Social Life under the Abbasids// by M.M Ahsan

[| Maghribi Women's Costume] with illusrations

[| Thirteenth Century Andalusian Costume] with illusrations from a book of chess

[| 14th Century Persian Embroidered Cotton Kamis/Pirihan] - cotton with silk embroidery

[| Rashid's Persian Patterns] - some
medieval period patterns though mostly 15-16th century

[| Basic Medieval Middle Eastern Clothing] Notes and some links to patterns

[| Turkish Cavalry Boots] Late 12th Century

[| Persian Riding Boots] Late 12th/Early 13th Century

[| Persian Khuff Boots] Late 12th/Early 13th Century

[| Madan slipper/shoes] Late 12th/Early 13th Century

[| The Red Kaganate] - clothing from the medieval Steppes and related cultures with some patterns

==== Fabrics ====

[| Mamluk Textiles] notes with images of cloth fragments

[| Near and Middle Eastern Textiles] illustrations and notes from the 9th to the 14th centuries

[| Medieval Muslim Knitting] Practical notes with links to originals and newly made examples.


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