3D Historical Closet Wiki

The Historical Closet - What we have made[]

Here is a list of the clothing, textures and props that we have made so far



Dynamic clothes and add-ons

Erte style wrap Inspired by work of French costume designer Erté (1892-1990)

Roman toga Roman male formal clothes

Ruffs- late 16th and early 17th century starched collars (Europe and Colonies)

Long late medieval sleeves M4 and Long late medieval sleeves V4 Fashionable sleeves of late 14th to 15th century Europe

Houppelade Dress Fifteenth century Europe

Clothes Textures[]


[http://Crinolines for My Princess - Nine different texture sets for the My Princess dress

Add-ons My Princess Crinolines - To transform the above set into day dresses (sleeves and modest necklines). Uses Far Journeyer sleeves, the neck insert from the Edwardian suit and the Archer top plus side patches from Lyrra.


Map1 and Map2 Transmaps to make slashes in Leon di Castiglia shirt sleeves


Roman tunics for M4 Valiant - senator, equestrian, citizen and slave/worker

Ghirlanda1 and [| Ghirlanda2 Italian Renaissance dress for V4 using Far Journeyer sleeves and Sensibility dress and overskirt

Giornea Italian Renaissance overdress for V4 using the cloak from the PC Cape and Cloak set



Use as dynamic or as props

Late Medieval Hat Elaborate fifteenth century European male hat

Renaissance Bag Hat Three variations

Mobcap plus Mobcap textures (Baglet) Worn by wealthy women in the 18th century when not wearing a wig and in early 19th century as an informal cap by ordinary women

Phrygian cap French Revolution era cap. Male and female versions.

16th century caps Male caps of 16th century Europe 16th century headdresses Female headdresses of 16th century Europe


M4 Tricorne 18th century male hat - civilian and military Europe

M4 Bicorne1 and M4 Bicorne2 18th and early 19th century military Europe

M4 Naval Bicorne 18th and early 19th century British Royal Navy

M4 Napoleonic War Hat Early 19th century Military Hat

Texture resources[]


Bright set and Muted set Two sets of tiles inspired by natural dyes. The first has brighter colours and works best for silks or fine linen. The second is probably more accurate for general linens.