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[| Extant Clothes] Garments from museum collections 1301-1400

[| Some Clothing of the Middle Ages] from archaeological finds (with line drawings and patterns)

[| Welsh medieval] Differences between Welsh and English medieval clothing

[| Glossary of some medieval clothing terms]

[| Wikipedia on fashions 1300-1400]

[| Coifs ] The simplest medieval headware and how to make them. Worn underneath more elaborate hats and headdresses, and helmets but also on their own. Worn by all levels of society and especially by people working out of doors.

[| Hoods] Medieval hoods including pattern for a hood with liripipe - the dangling peice at the back.

[| Poulaines] Those long pointy shoes

[| Attaching buttons] How to put buttons on medieval clothes


[| The Golden Gown of Queen Margaret] Reconstruction of a sumptuous dress worn c 1400 by Queen Margrethe I of Denmark (1353-1412)

[| Headdress of 13th century] A simple type of female hat worn with hair long or gathered into a net at the back.

[| Crespinette] A 14th century headdress with 'cages' for hair and circlet. The 'cages' look more like tubes that hair nets.

[| Cauls or nets?] Nets covering hair arranged over the ears in the early 14th century. This may be covered by a veil.

[| St Birgitta cap] Making a 14-15th century woman's cap plus general information on female caps

[| Is there a secret to fitting the abdomen?] Fitting gowns


[| Making a Houppelande] Reconstruction of a late medieval houppelande.

[| St Louis shirt] Pattern for a 13th century fine linen tunic preserved at Notre Dame de Paris

[| Cotehardie of late 14th cent] the 'Pourpoint of Charles de Blois' with pattern and also [| the elbows]


[| Reproductions of fabrics] Modern reproductions of medieval and renaissance fabrics

[| Medieval fabrics ] Notes on medieval fabrics from existing examples and art

[| Archaeological Sewing] Medieval stiching for woll, linen and silk

[| Types of weave]

[| Sewing Stitches Used in Medieval Clothing] List


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