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Chinese Dynasties[]

Prehistoric China

Paleolithic China

Neolithic China

Chalcolithic China

Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors before 2070 BC

Ancient China - Chinese Mythology, the invention of writing

Xia 2070–1600 BC - Bronze Age

Shang 1600–1046 BC

Western Zhou 1046–771 BC

Eastern Zhou Spring and Autumn Period 722–476 BC - Laozi, Confucius, invention of weiqi (go), code of law, cast iron, waterworks and hydraulic engineering

Eastern Zhou Warring States 475–221 BC - Earliest maps, star catalogues, crossbows, cavalry

Imperial China

Qin 221–206 BC - Writing system standardized (small seal script), terracotta army

Western Han 206 BC–AD 9 - seed drill, steel, silk road, wheelbarrow, sailing junk, contact with Rome

Xin 9–23

Eastern Han 25–220 - First Buddhist temple founded, paper invented, clocks

Three Kingdoms 220–265

Western Jin 265–317

Eastern Jin 317–420 - stirrups

Southern and Northern Dynasties 420–589 - horse collar, brick pagoda,

Sui 581–618 - invention of toilet paper, Imperial examinations, Japanese embassies

Tang 618–907 - First Christian missionaries, birth of Islam in China,

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 907–960 - Greek fire, gun, grenade

Northern Song 960–1127 - Gunpowder-impregnated fire arrows, cast iron, magnetic compass, movable type, calculus

Southern Song 1127–1279 - Mongol invasions, Kublai Khan, Marco Polo

Liao 916–1125 - Gengis Khan

Jin 1115–1234

Yuan 1271–1368 - Mongol invasions of Japan

Ming 1368–1644 - Forbidden City, first Portugese contact, porcelain export to Europe, Manchus conquer Inner Mongolia, invade Korea,

Qing 1644–1911 - 5th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Opium Wars

Modern China

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