The renaissance came to the German states quite quickly. Many German artists went to study the new techniques in Italy among them Albrecht Dürer who painted in Venice for a while. The German states were also te home of Johannes Gutenburg who brought printing to Europe and set off a renaissance in books. Later Martin Luther challenged the teaching of the Church, translated the Bible into German and started the Protestant reformation which split Europe apart. The images are mostly from the V and A Museum in London.


A donor from a German stained glass window. He wears a short coat with a silk lining over a shirt and hosen. V and A Museum, London


A woman donor in stained glass. She wears a long sleeved, laced bodice and a full skirt. Her head covering is fairly simple but has a chin piece covering her neckline, perhaps for modesty as this was a religious window. She wears a long string of beads and carried a rosary. V and A Museum, London


A landsknecht (mercenary soldier) from a window shoing the Massacre of the Innocents. He is doing something horrible but the image shows the elaborate clothes these men wore. A mercenary often wore his wealth as it had to travel with him. The type of dress is said to have Swiss origins. V and A Museum, London


A woman donor with her daughters. They all have embroidered coifs, the mother also wears a veil. Her dress is a houppelade with a collar to show off her chain. The daughters have similar gowns but with less modest collars. Apologies for the reflections. V and A Museum, London


Statue probably representing a saint as a wealthy woman. She wears a square necked tight bodice over a full outer skirt. Her sleeves have a puff with a frill and lower bag-sleeves. V and A Museum, London


A wood carving in limewwod by Riemenschneider. The subject is Mary Salome and Zebedee but they are dressed as a contemporary couple. The Woman wears a large headcovering, a tight fitting bodice and full skirt with a loose mantle. V and A Museum, London


Detail of the wood carvng showing her square necked chmise with embroidered band and the fringe of her head covering. V and A Museum, London


Drawing of a woman by Hans Holbein. Her skirts are lifted to show her red underdress and shoes. V and A Museum, London


Bust of a young woman by Michael Erhart of Ulm. She wears a twisted wrap around her head. V and A Museum, London

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