Finally up to the twentieth century with all the many changes. Short skirts in the twenties and later women in trousers. Hemlines went up and down with the decades. Long at first then the flappers (like my aunt) with short skirts. Back to longer styles but those were soon halted by the war and women moving into factories and wearing trousers! Despite an attempt to re-feminise in the fifties, the sixties saw a return to the short skirt with the mini. Alongside all this were the counter-culture movements with the mods, the the floating styles of the sixties and the safety-pins of the late seventies. I'm too old to keep up with anything after that but the students at my university seem to revisit all those styles.

Two short dresses from the nineteen twenties at the Museum of London
Detail of one of the twenties dresses. Museum of London
Detail of the other dress in a sparkling fabric. Ideal for all those parties. Museum of London
The skirt and belt of the second dress. Museum of London
An embroidered shoe in the Duc de Guise style from the early years of the century. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
Another Duc de Guise style shoe. These were intended as recreations of 17th and 18th century styles. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
An early twentieth century fashion plate showing a range of styles. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
More of the fashion plate showing coats. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
An advertisement showing early twentieth century boots and shoes. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
A 1920s fashion magaizine showing gloves, belts and shoes as well as the complete ensemble.
Some rather uncomfortable looking boots from the 1920s. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
Shoes from the 1920s or 1930s. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
Shoes by Christan Dior. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
More shoes from the late 1920s. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
Sandals from the 1950s. Shoe Museum, Romans, France
My favourite! A gold boot from the 1960s - the sort of thing my childhood heroine Emma Peel would have worn. Shoe Museum, Romans, France

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