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Here you will find collections of information about how to create accurate historical representations of the clothing worn in different times and places using commercial and free 3D resources.

We're interested in making historical clothing and objects that are as authentic as possible. This covers many areas from fabric and dyes, decoration and styles to how much flesh should show and where or the correct body shapes from corseting. All of this needs research and information sharing.

We hope to cover a range of periods and cultures. Trying to 'get it right' is important for historical renders but can also help make fantasy work more consistant and convincing.

What we have made[]

Historical Closet Items Clothing, textures and props


There are a number of ways to browse our information links:


European: Eastern and western European and related colonies

Asian: Japan, China, India, etc.

Islamic: Near East, N Africa, Middle East, al Andalus

Americas: Mayan, Aztec, Inca


Early cultures and civilizations Roughly up to 500AD.

Medieval 500-1400 AD

Early Modern 1400-1800 AD

Nineteenth century 1800-1914

Twentieth century

Materials and Techniques[]

Fabrics Cloth, weaving and dyes; leatherwork

Decoration Embroidery and printing

Body shaping Corsets, crinolines, farthingales and padding


Personal Items Purses, parasols or pocket watches

General Items Pots, books or pitchforks




Useful References[]

[| Marquise Period Costumes Site]Middle Ages through to 20th century

[| Reenactment's Costume Supplier Alter Years]Medieval through to 1950's

[| Embroiderer's Guild England]Images and also books for purchase

[| Royal School of Needlework] Info on textiles

[| Victoria and Albert Museum] textile collection and [| costume and jewellery] collections and [| Searchable database]

[| Costume History at The Costumer's Manifesto] Links to Costume resources by period

[| Metropolitan Museum, NY] Highlights of the textile collection

[| Costume collection] at Manchester Museum, UK - dress from 17th to 20th centuries including some working clothes


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